Bad Day Blotter

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Bad Day Blotter


I was tempted to title this piece “Mother told me there’d be days like this….” Or perhaps, “It’s safer by aeroplane.” It’s the front cover of a 1928/29 blotter, printed in Germany for the Calendar Manufacturing Co., Bombay.

Some inking of the pink blotting paper, ink marks on back. The image is in very good condition, with just very light marks visible on close examination, plus some small light patches in the sky area (see photo). Where would you find another one?

The ideal gift for the insurance agent who has everything.

Price: SOLD.



2 thoughts on “Bad Day Blotter

  1. Delighted to be able to confirm that I was born on a Tuesday as the calendar for 1028 is easily read.
    Not likely to become a customer, but find your site very enjoyable. Best wishes, Alex

  2. Marek Pytel says:

    As the proud new owner of this strange little masterpiece, may I correct Stephen. Far from it being the ideal gift for the insurance agent who has everything. It is also the ideal gift for the man who has nothing ! One has to wonder about whoever painted this in the first place though…

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